Get yourself an INSPIRATION!

When you’re lonesome, out of things, secluded, lack of companionship and depressed; GET YOURSELF AN INSPIRATION!

Why inspiration matters?

 Well, inspiration awakens us to ignite new possibilities by allowing ourselves to transcend ordinary experiences and limitations which actuate a person from torpidity to possibility, and transforms the way you perceive your own capabilities.

Sometimes, inspiration may be overlooked because of its evasive nature, however, recent research shows that, inspiration can be activated, captured, and manipulated, and it has a major effect on important life outcomes. Regardless of which, who and what is your inspiration, it doesn’t matter; what matter most is, it does knock your inner esteem and glows your personality. Nobody shall be called as boring, or had been bored or depressed if you unlock yourself.

So, burden, failures, disappointment, no success, trials, you name it can be surpasses if you admit, embrace and be open-minded enough that tomorrow is another day – a new day with a new opportunity, lean it to your understanding and that change is needed. No matter what, get inspired.

When people felt inspired, it triggers emotions and feelings that enable us to do the things we do with purpose, energy and enjoyment. Either can be a person, place, event, or object that motivates or drives you to think, feel, or do good or be creative.

What keeps me Inspired?

I have millions of inspirations which vary depending on my mood that transpose me into enthusiasm instead of drowning myself into indulgence.


Sometimes this feeling is commonly happen if I cannot reach others expectation. The treat that cheer me up is listen up-beat music with my favorite artist. I enjoyed the tiny buzz of this bit, what is yours?

Come and Get it by Selena Gomez – No. 1 in US Hot Dance Club Songs (2013 Billboard) and No. 2 in Belgium (Ultratip Flanders)and US Pop Songs (Billboard)

Titanium by David Guetta – Titanium ft. Sia  – No.1 in  Israel (Media Forest, Mexico Inglés (Billboard), Scotland (Official Charts Company), UK Dance (Official Charts Company) and UK Singles (Official Charts Company).

Dance Again by Jennifer Lopez- No. 1 in Greece (IFPI Greece), Poland (Dance Top 50), South Korea (International Chart) and US Hot Dance Club Songs (2012 Billboard).

Gentlemen by Psy – No. 1 in Luxembourg (2013 Billboard), South Korea (Gaon Digital Singles), South Korea (Billboard K-Pop Hot 100) and US Dance/Electronic Songs (Billboard).


I drove all Night by Celine Dion – No. 1 in Belgian Flanders Singles Chart, Swedish Singles Chart, Canadian Adult Contemporary Chart and Canadian Singles Chart.



Seriously; I felt stressed and tired after long hours of work. I feel better after I have some ice cream to cool down and to complete my happiness if I can watch my favourite comedy movies and TV series especially in Disney Channel. At the moment, “The Wizard in Walvery Place,” either series or the movie inspired me a lot and I love all the casts most especially Selena Gomez, she is so bubbly and you got to smile on her actions. I am looking for a DVD copy of this series, if you guys know where I can purchase either online or in store, please PM me. Hope you will enjoy!


I write anything that makes me happy in the previous day and think of it, so even I have a much pressured time; I am still inspired while thinking of my happy moments. Don’t push harder to get finish of what you up to; otherwise, failure may come across instead, do it with confidence, gradual and success, waits in the edge.

Don’t get hung up on the hard times, the Challenges.  Tell your story by highlighting the victories. Because it’s your victories that will inspire, motivate, encourage other people to live their stories in grander ways.

“The only thing that goes on in your life is what you allow to go on in your life”


9 thoughts on “Get yourself an INSPIRATION!

  1. Gangnam still the best unlike the new single of Psy.
    Still can be lovable… By the way, the butt of JLO soo tentalizing…


  2. I can say in my past my inspirations were wrong in every way. Unfortunately for a long time I thought I was following the right path and what inspired me what was needed in my life.
    The good news is that I opened my eyes and rid myself of my bad inspirations.
    What inspires me now that I now know I can control my destiny in life. Being inspired of just being who I really am inside has guided me for the past few years on a path, though not of success, but on feeling loved and needed in life. This has carried on to my work life, and even on here doing what I enjoy doing. Thanks for writing such a great story.


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