Relationships: It Takes Two to Tango

How much do you love your partner? How much do you willing to sacrifice? It’s time to pay more attention to this area of your life.

Whether you’re in a relationship already or you’re admiring someone from afar, sorting out your feelings can be a real challenge. While there’s no clear, fool-proof way to decipher your feelings for someone, there are certain ways to make the distinction clearer for yourself.


Strengthening a current relationship or getting into a new one requires learning from past mistakes and applying those lessons to present or future relationships. Study your patterns and get a “do-over.” Build a foundation of appreciation and respect. Focus on all the considerate things your partner says and does.

Happy couples make a point of noticing even small opportunities to say “thank you” to their partner, rather than focusing on mistakes their partner has made. The driving force of the sexual imperative bridges the gap between the almost incompatible brain styles of the two sexes. Lust can be seen as one end of a broad continuum, which may or may not culminate in romantic love.

Love and lust are inextricably intertwined. If his partner’s only in lust, she’ll use this against him, but if they’re both falling in love, this sexuality is a bond.

With a better understanding and insight into the way you interact and communicate with your significant other, you can create a strong, successful relationship.

The reason for two willing people came out to commit an infidelity relationship because they worked together. After all, it takes two to tango.

8 thoughts on “Relationships: It Takes Two to Tango

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  2. So nice! I really liked how you make things easy opposite to the normal (we humans tend to make things difficult)! I want to thank you also for liking and following my blog which is a great support for me! I now also follow yours as I find I may learn from it! Thanks again 🙂


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