Reminiscing at Hua Hin, Thailand

Reminiscing at Hua Hin, Thailand

After a long tiring days of working too hard to turn over our project, perhaps I need to treat myself for a break. For peaceful and reminiscing relaxation I preferred to choose either a beach, resort and/or any place which are away from chaos.

Then I decided to spend my vacation at Hua Hin, Thailand; it takes three hours by plane to Bangkok and another 3 hours by car to get to Let’s Sea Al Fresco Resort – Hua Hin. It’s a little bit tiring but when I see the beautiful place and how peaceful it is, then it pays a lot of tired experience to get here.

As the many folks told, the vision for Let’s Sea Hua Hin Al Fresco Resort was inspired by long beach walks at different times of the year. Drawn back by memories of childhood visits to splash in the same gentle waves and rediscover Hua Hin all over again. The beach changes by day and night.

I am energized by the sunrise or marvel at the quiet beauty of the moon rising at the end of the day and indeed experience the starry nights with evening strolls at low tide in the cool season and now discovering the true grace and calm of Hua Hin.

I will be staying here for four days more and I hope to visit some of the temple and other activities of the Royal Family later today as part of the itinerary of the Resort. For now I am enjoying my stay and the services they provided me here is excellent.

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