Love Knows No Distance

When do you have the luxury time together with your love ones? Is your long distance affair headed toward the same sorry fate? Do you think long distance relationship works?


According to majority that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but many casualties of long distance relationship would beg to disagree and I can attest to that as well.

Missing someone get easier everyday because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will. The best and most beautiful things that cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart. As the days go by, the memories remain.

In a relationship, you want to be the priority but you have to consider as well the responsibility of the person you loved to their family because doubts can build and cause a whole lot of problems and jealousy can often be a figment of your imagination.

I do believed that finding a destined match (the right one) isn’t easy, sometimes you are blinded with the charming heartthrobs that keeping your attention away but by then, you are building your own experience by becoming into a strong, wise, sweet and lovable individual.

Way back 2007, I met this guy; he is my friend and colleague, I am three years older than him. Who would thought that the guy I’m talking everyday will become part of my life and fill the empty space of my heart to find true happiness despite of my stressful workload?

We started as friends and something happened inside us. He wanted me so long not as friend but he is hesitant maybe he gets busted. I think it was a love that came without warning, I was so blown away and all the good things he says never leaves my mind even I have million things to worry about.

Our relationship started and I cannot explain why I loved him as well but all I know that I want to see him always and I am enjoying his company. We are inseparable to the point that, everybody recognized the changes between the swift.

However, we both aware that relationship between colleagues are prohibited in our company, which means we need to choose whether he stay and I resign or the other way around. Despite of the consequence, our relationship gets stronger and bloomed and we decided to resign.

He is very responsible and he is the bread winner of his family after the death of his father. I got worried after we resigned because he needs to find an alternative job immediately because there is a family waiting for his support.

Our plan was to move to another city where my friends (my former students) are working but since he signed job for six month contract, I have to move first then he will just follow after. I have to establish first in a new place and find a work as well so that just in case he needs my help I have some to spare.

Our relationship is very open. It was hard to be far away of the one you love but when you think the purpose of doing so; you will feel very grateful.

Even we are a perfect couple but we are not in a perfect situation. For anything worth having one must have to pay the price – always work patience, love and self-sacrifice. No great love ever came without great struggle. We never missed to call everyday and tell our different problems, we focus to our work and wait until the day we will meet again.

We kept holding on our promises, thus distance is not the hindrance at all and for the record, we are now engaged and waiting for our momentous wedding early next year.

It is normal that sometimes we are upset but when you hear the voice of the one you love sincerely asking for an apology and understanding, then your heart gradually melt and things fall in place again. I believed those are spices of a relationship, there might be worst but you will not be given a problem if you cannot handle to solve.

If we fail to give the best of our personal self and undivided time to those who really important to us; then one day we will regret it.

Communication is very important in a long distance relationship. Distance doesn’t matter if you really love the person, what matters most is the honesty and trust for that relationship to work out. 


Emergence of Mobile Phones became the Personal Dairies Nowadays

Mobile phones have become a substantial in our lives, in a way of simply connecting people by the popularized traditional service of sending short messages. Whether it is for private, business and commercial use, this kind of technology suddenly keeps improving more and more which once regarded as luxury is now the thing nearest to our hearts.

When you get your first mobile phone?

Seriously, I got my first mobile phone year 2003; it was a pre-used Nokia 3410, the first Java phone by Nokia features a monochrome display, released in early 2002 being the successor of Nokia 3310.


It was so hard to get one especially during my college days; my parents are very strict on focusing our studies instead. The situation before is quite complicated as we have today, getting one in our place is like winning a sweepstakes. However, as technology keep changing from time to time, conservative folks also awaken their senses to accept gradually the importance of cellular and its advantage.

Before; initially the mobile phones launched to provide the normal telephonic communication and the short message service or SMS. But with the advancement in the digital technology these basic facilities have become more advanced with lots of new added features. The text message is further extended to pictures messages (MMS), checking mails or using the Internet, listening to music, capturing images and playing games. Mobile phones have developed amazingly from the heavy and expensive devices to a very reasonable one.

In contrast to past mobile phones; the latest phones have transformed themselves to hi-end gadgets offering entertainment and communication features, whether you wish to listen to music, view high quality pictures and browse the internet.

Now, when smart phone emerge, it enables multitasking feature; individual to do many things simultaneously. The way of communicating has completely changed with the arrival of the latest trend of mobile phones.  Smart phone seems to be the trend of the future of wireless communication. Allowing for immediate access to data online, whether one is at home, travelling, or at work.

Now, my mobile phone is my personal assistant. See, how life goes easy with me?


I can easily access my E-Mail, set an appointment with reminders and I don’t literally have to sit the entire day facing my desktop computer to perform the entire task I need to do or do expensive international call either. Everything is made possible with the use of handy smart phone. Through wireless connection, I am always connected whether at home or in office. I can easily socially interact through Facebook, Twitter and view some video clips in YouTube.

Although, older people might not understand the new technology and the small screens can be difficult to use for E-Mail and other advanced functions for people with bad eyesight but for most individual, for this kind of mobile phones things get easier.

But, at the end of the day; choose what still the best for you.